Rodney Thompson Fine Art

Encaustic and Mixed Media Fine Art

by Rodney Thompson

I like to take common objects of everyday life, things overlooked, disregarded and unappreciated, and present them out of context such that the viewer sees them first for their beauty and later for what they are. In this way I hope to suggest how there is much to be seen and appreciated in our world that is often missed, beauty that is all around us, available to the observant eye. Encaustic allows me to include these objects and materials in my artwork in ways that add layers of meaning to the art, referencing both the simple joy of activities of daily living as well as more specific concepts that I associate with these artifacts of life.

My art is an expression of my life which is a practice of meditation, serenity and compassion. Living each day in the present moment, mindfully aware and appreciative of the wonders of life and how everything is interconnected and interdependent, yet at the same time impermanent, brings me happiness and joy. Creativity is more than making art, it is the essence of how I live.