I am honored to be included in several books about encaustic art

Encaustic Art: The Complete Guide to Creating Fine Art with Wax“, by Lissa Rankin

Several images of my art as well as some writing are included in this comprehensive overview of encaustic art. Encaustic Art is a complete resource for artists who wish to learn to create fine art with wax. It features step-by-step techniques with easy-to-understand instructions and detailed illustrations, stunning examples of encaustic works of art (including sculpture), along with practical advice and thoughtful aesthetic observations from more than 60 professional artists working in the encaustic medium.


Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility“, by Daniella Woolf

I am a featured artist in this book which catalogs many artists using wax in wonderful ways. It’s a curated gallery show in book form, featuring the work of 23 artists working in encaustic with a textile sensibility.





Wax and PaperWax and Paper Workshop: Techniques for Combining Encaustic Paint and Handmade Paper “, by Michelle Belto

My art is included in this instructional book on using paper and wax. This book brings mixed-media artists, paper enthusiasts and encaustic painters together in a renewed appreciation for the satisfying texture and feel of paper as a canvas and the uniquely sensual quality of the wax surface.



Authentic Visual Voices: ¬†Contemporary Paper and Encaustic“, by Catherine Nash

This is a computer interactive book on DVD: 28 professional artists discuss their artwork with artist/author Catherine Nash during in-the-studio video interviews.
My art and a video studio interview is featured in this e-book by Catherine Nash, a compilation of 28 artists working with both paper and wax. Catherine has experience in both  papermaking and encaustic and her book, to be published in the near future, explores the art and lives of artists combining paper and wax in many wonderful ways.